Become a carpreneur - Shazza

Start your Carpreneurial journey today!

Instead of your car sitting around collecting dust when you're not using it, why not turn it into a money making asset? 

With Shazza, you will have the tools necessary to become a successful Carpreneur. We provide a one-stop-shop system that is user friendly, simple, and gets you paid - fast! 

You are in charge when it comes to how you run your business - calendar availability, rental price, minimum age, accepted insurance method, deposit amount, and more. We are simply here to provide you with the platform to run your Carpreneur business smoothly, connect you with renters and support you when you need us

Worried about Insurance? Have no fear, Shazza’s here!


Shazza Carpreneur Perks

  1. 1-Earn extra money - having an extra income is the most obvious benefit  


  1. 2-Turn a liability into an asset - make money off what once was only an expense 

  1. 3-Enjoy freedom and flexibility - you choose when to rent out your car 

  1. 4-You don’t have to do the hard work - Shazza is a one stop shop to manage your business and get renters 

  1. 5-Daily support from Shazza - whenever you need us, we are here for you! 

  1. 6-Smart learning technology - as the platform grows, our AI will educate Carpreneurs on best rental prices, increased rates based off the market, and more